It all started when…

In 2017 Founder, Georga Cottle, experienced anxiety/headaches/fainting and was referred to a neurologist by her GP. Whilst awaiting an appointment for a CT scan she made a conscious effort to look after herself and her symptoms subsided, in which her GP stated:

“It is becoming increasingly common for patients to improve their symptoms through diet and nutrition but we are not medically advanced enough to recommend it as a treatment”

Georga realised that she had accidentally stumbled upon her own path to Wellness through her blog ‘Adventures of a Part Time Parent’ and wanted to find out more about how wellness techniques could continue to help improve her health to reduce her stress, which has been described as the health epidemic of the 21st century by the World Health Organisation.

She could not find a central place of resource with focus on the the intrinsically linked pillars of wellness: Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Occupational, and Environmental, so she created a central hub to inspire others to take back control of their health through simple andsustainable changes.

Wellness HQ started as an online magazine, a place of resource for people to get inspiration on how to look after themselves holistically. We then introduced a directory of wellness experts, as well as a range of business support services to help wellness professionals be the best businesses they can be. Our community isn’t just online. We also host monthly Meet Ups which are relaxed and informal networking opportunities for like minded people to meet.

Having built up our network we are now able to offer Employee Wellbeing Packages, along with Wellness Retreats.

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