FEATURE: 12 Great Things About Being A Parent

1. If he eats a carrot stick I feel like I have basically been awarded the bafta for the best mum ever, even if it is being dipped in daddy's BBQ sauce, he is eating raw veg!

2. Listening to him sing, the other morning we had a rendition of the hokey cokey, missing a few words but the right leg was in out in out and shaken all about.

3. Everything is a trick, "mummy look at my trick" this could be dancing to a song which means spinning around but keeping his head centred at all times like he should be in Fame. Jumping from one object to another like a silent ninja and using the bed as trampoline. 
4. He calls smarties "farties"

5. Nearly every morning he is so excited to see myself and my husband, he climbs over us (inevitably one of us gets kicked in the face) and gets into bed and we have a group hug, this sets us all up for the day. Then one of us gets up and goes downstairs to get his milk, the parent that is left with him has to hide under the covers with him to surprise the returning parent with milk.

6. Cooking, seriously he can crack an egg better than me, I can't take credit for this, it was Grandma. He loves making pancakes and getting all the spices out and smelling them. 

7. Whispering conversations, the other day it went like this

Toddler : (whispers) I've been really good, I need a lolly pop

Mummy: (whispers) Yes you have been really good but I don't have any lolly pops

Toddler: (whispers) Mummy you need to go to the shops and buy me a lolly pop

Mummy: (whispers) ok

8. The questions, for example

  • Why the queen?

  • Whats that lady doing over there?

  • Why can't I have hula hoops for breakfast?

  • Mummy why we going this way?

  • Mummy what's that smell?

9. Cheekiness, for example the other morning I asked " shreddies or wheetabix?" To which he replied "I've slept really well, pancakes?" He is learning how to play us, but I enjoy his little character coming out.

10. Doing things for himself like, feeding himself, drinking from a cup, getting in his car seat and running around soft play without me (I now enjoy the wonders of soft play by drinking a lot of tea, I've joined that club).

11. When he puts his hand up to hold mine when we are crossing the road or walking down the street, it gets me every time.

12. Selfies never quite turn out how they should but they definitely capture the moment.

We may moan but we wouldn't have it any other way.


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