SPOTLIGHT: BarkerDesign

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Tell us about your business and how you became a professional in the industry...

Barkerdesign was founded on a love of personalising spaces to reflect the unique style of the individual. We spend so much of our time at home or work, it just made sense that designing in this way would improve well-being and make for happier lives!

Based in Tunbridge Wells I work on transforming both homes & business’ across Kent. I inherited my passion for interiors from my mother who was knocking down walls for open plan living way back in the early 80’s before it was fashionable, unless of course you’re Danish!

I’m a great believer that it’s never too late to change direction and do what makes you happy. So after my first child I hung up my corporate pin-stripe and went back to College to get my Diploma in Interior Design!


What Wellness rituals do you swear by?

After ditching that obligatory ‘wind down’ glass of vino in the eve, I can highly recommend knocking the midweek drinking on the head! I have more energy in the morning not to mention my skin has improved. Making my own Granola is a bit of a revelation. It’s so much cheaper and yummier, this is something Glorious Wellness taught me. Then the ever popular Nutribullet gets used daily for green smoothies, hummus and soups. Couldn’t do without it!

What are your tips for incorporating Wellness into a busy schedule?

A decluttered tidy home is my top tip. I kid you not, it stresses me out so much if the house is a mess. It probably doesn’t help that working from home means I receive a huge amount of samples for each project, which I have to store wherever I can. So once a year I empty each room like we’re literally moving and only put back what we want & use - then give the rest away to charity. This is also a great way of changing up the layout and moving round accessories, giving the house a new lease of life. All this makes the daily tidy so much easier. After the school run I whizz round the house tidying before I start my day. It clears my head and I feel like I can start the day properly.

I always advocate the key to a happy home is great storage. So other than bespoke I do recommend savvy IKEA storage, especially for the kids & buying Remodelista new book ‘The Art of Order’, it’s life changing!

Other tips - Pilates and Incorporating it into your lunch break. I can highly recommend Studio One.

And finally, give yourself a break! It’s ok to have vices, no one can maintain being that good all the time - I think it’s about finding a healthy balance

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