REVIEW: Infrared Sauna

Have you ever wondered how a sauna can help reduce cortisol levels, increase endorphins, optimise muscle strength, and boost your immune system? We check out the latest infrared technology to find out what physical and mental benefits they can offer…


Review by Georga Cottle

I’ve always been more of a steam room girl and have never been able to handle the dry heat of a sauna, so when I went to try the latest addition to Simply Float’s wellbeing offering I was preparing to leave the sauna within 10 minutes. 

I was greeted by the friendly Jess on reception (and the resident pooch) who showed me into the room and explained how the sauna works, Jess suggested keeping the heat at 57 degrees for the fist time (it can go up to 70 degrees) and gave me a robe, some slippers, and showed me how to connect my phone so I can play my own music (yes, I was even able to use my phone INSIDE the sauna, although this wouldn't help with relaxation!). 


So what are the benefits?

Sweating in a sauna can help us to remove the unwanted toxic materials that cause extra stress on our bodies. If you find the dry heat too much to handle then the infrared sauna is a great alternative as the rays are said to penetrate skin tissue and, unlike normal saunas, they heat your body from the inside out. The sauna only heats you and not the air around you, making it more comfortable and therefore allowing me to stay in for longer. 


The top 6 health benefits of an infrared sauna: 

-Stress Reduction 


-Muscle Pain Relief 

-Immune System Boost


-Skin purification 

Starting in LA and being endorsed by the likes of Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow, the infrared sauna has all the same benefits of the sun but without the harmful UV rays. Not only does it draw out more toxins and open up more pores to penetrate the muscles, but it is also a great source of the essential Vitamin D.

I certainly felt very relaxed after my half hour session in the sauna. I felt like my skin had thanked me for the heat and my mind had thanked me for the quiet, seeing as I deliberately left my phone outside. I closed my eyes and I was on holiday, and I didn’t even have to worry about who could sun cream my back!

Visit Simply Float and check out their huge selection of current offers, and keep your eyes peeled for our review of their sensory deprivation tank. 

Fancy giving the gift of relaxation this Christmas? Just saying… 

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