I Hate My Feet!

… is what most people tell me when they hear I’m a reflexologist. Actually most people also say, “how can you bare to touch them?” Our feet get a really hard time, much less so than our hands. Alongside the mystical, fortune-telling hand-readers, much less is heard about our soles being an open-line of communication to our souls.

In reflexology, a hard bladder reflex could mean you are literally pissed off. Hard skin over your shoulder reflex could indicate you’re trying to protect yourself from having the world on your shoulders. If you suffer from verrucas or bunions, hard skin or athlete’s foot, large feet or being flat-footed according to Jane Sheehan’s book Lets Read Our Feet! all these intricacies could be trying to tell you something about who you are or what you’re feeling.

Verrucas for example. We all think Bazuka That Verruca. These craters could be covering a deep-rooted emotional issue that has been eating away for months or even years. As well as getting the Bazuka on it immediately, take a few seconds to think if anything has been gnawing away, if there’s something that hasn’t been faced or a sad feeling that can’t be shifted. If you cover it with a plaster,  you don’t need to stay away from some deeply relaxing and uplifting reflexology.

Bunions are associated with a high-heeled life style. For those who wear high heels and suffer from bunions, of course there is a link. However, if the big toe is leaning towards the little toes at a distinct angle because of the bunion, this person could be bending backwards to help others and not looking after themselves enough. They need to learn to say no and with the additional me-time freed up, an hour of reflexology would be the ideal un-winder after a long day (in those killer heels).

Cracked heels are another bug bare. When I was trying to decide if I was going to go back to my job or start up on my own after maternity leave I noticed my heels were horrendous. I initially put it down to looking after a baby for 8 months and not having the time to look at my feet let alone look after them. I have since learnt that cracked heels can indicate an obstacle that needs to be overcome before moving forward. 

The obstacles were my confidence and belief in myself. I also knew me.  I had the drive to work hard for other people but found it difficult to motivate myself for me. Honestly, since I made the decision, found my motivation, resigned and set up the BiG TOE – my heels are looking in much better shape. Of course, I had made time to moisturise them too. A lot!

Talking about the BiG TOE, the size of your toes can also say a lot about you as a person.  If like me, you have a small big toe, you’re a multi-tasker. If you’ve got a lot to do with not much time, a small big toe will help you achieve the impossible. Whereas if you have a large big toe, you’re a brainstormer, you’ve got the ideas and you’re looking at things from a different perspective. If there’s a problem, find someone with an extra large big toe to help you out.

So next time you think “I hate my feet,” please don’t be embarrassed to put them on show or give them some well-deserved reflexology.

Article by Kathryn Allen at The Big Toe