SPOTLIGHT: Mum's The Word


Tell us about your business and how you became a professional in the industry...

We are sisters Natalie & Laura and together we run Mum's the Word; hosting inspiring meet ups, talks and live events for Mums and their families. Our events include #MamasMeetUps with high profile speakers covering a range of topics from starting a business to body positivity, we also host fashion events, family dance parties, supper clubs and nights out which are a real opportunity for Mums to kick back and let their hair down.

As sisters we had always wanted to set up a business together that would fit in with family-life as well as merging our skills in PR and Events, so in January 2016 we bit the bullet and set up Mum's the Word and hosted our first event in May 2016 and the rest is history. We've hosted over 25 live events in the last 18 months in Tunbridge Wells, Brighton and later this year we'll host our first Meet Ups in Canterbury.

What Wellness rituals do you swear by?

Natalie - This month we are running a campaign called #mamasunplugged as we felt we were spending too much time on our phones and devices and that was detrimental to our health. Since the beginning of January we've been switching off our phones at 8pm, have bought an alarm clock so that phones are kept out of the bedroom and have been enjoying Switch off Sundays. We've already felt the benefit of switching off and gained a lot of time back, we'll definitely be continuing to set boundaries for tech beyond January.

Laura - I've always enjoyed running, it makes me feel better not just physically but also mentally. I find I have my best ideas when my mind is clear, out on a run. I'm also taking part in Run Every Day January (RED) which is ensuring I get out running every day - it's definitely been hard finding the time around family and work to run every day, but I feel SO much better for doing it. No January blues here...

What are your tips for incorporating Wellness into a busy schedule?

This is really difficult especially when you have children and a job! However we think it's all about scheduling and prioritising time for you and then keeping to it (the laundry pile, huge inbox of unanswered emails can wait) As the saying goes, selfcare isn't selfish; taking time to exercise, rest and eat well actually helps you to be a better you and that is better for everyone!