New workshop teaches people to move their mind in order to move their body more

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MOVE 2019 is the brainchild of personal trainer and founder of Good Mood Club Kate Azurdia and coach Emma Jefferys AKA Action Woman

The good friends hit upon the idea when talking about the barriers and motivators to exercise and noticing that it was hard for people to make a long term commitment to moving more without changing their mindset first. 

This led to the design of a unique half day session where attendees learn to work both their minds and their bodies in order to feel great. There are three core parts to the session:

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1. First Kate and Emma guide in the setting of personal movement goals, specific to the individual and their lifestyle. These are anchored by helping each person to really understand why this goal matters to them, why they will commit to achieving it in order to create motivation 

2. Using traditional coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, Emma works with each person to look at attitudes to time and how time can be created for movement. She explores self sabotage and how thought and mindset management can be your best friend when it comes to moving more as well as the role of language in behaviour change.

Kate delivers a perfectly blended session of cardio, strength and stretching to allow attendees to explore what feels good for them and how their body can benefit from moving in different ways. Form and technique are observed and gently perfected under Kate’s watchful eye.

3. Finally, each attendee leaves the session with a personalised movement plan and mindset strategies to ensure they can continue the work they started with the girls in their own time. 

Described by clients as a ‘dream team’ the response to the pilot of MOVE 2019 has been phenomenal.

It’s like Emma gets into your mind and gently helps you to unpicks all of the knots that are causing blockages.  That teamed with Kate’s enthusiasm for movement was a perfect marriage of mind and body

Kate says: “Motivating someone in a PT session is one thing, teaching them to motivate themselves for the rest of their lives is something much more powerful and rewarding.”

Emma adds: The mind is our greatest change tool and if we can create the right thoughts then the action will naturally follow. Working with Kate on this has been a dream and to see the difference we are making is amazing."

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MOVE 2019 sessions are held monthly in central Tunbridge Wells and cost £75 for the half day and bespoke plan. Book your place here