FEATURE: 10 Tips to Improve Productivity



Improving productivity is the first step in decreasing stress and achieving more in less time. We speak to Emma Langridge of Bramley Business Solutions who shares 10 suggestions for productivity, try one that appeals to you and see if it helps.

  1. Turn off email notifications. They break your concentration on the task at hand and it takes 15 minutes to get that back. Schedule in checking emails between tasks or at certain times of day instead.

  2. Learn what works for you. If you’re at your best mid afternoon, schedule to do your hardest tasks then. Plan your day around your personality and energy cycles. Use the productivity tips that work for you, one size does not fit all.

  3. Batching. Make the most of your concentration whilst you’re in the flow by doing all the same type of task together in one go, like a full month of social media posts, creating all your upcoming videos, or writing your next few newsletters.

  4. Get into a routine. Regularly doing certain activities takes away the decision making process on what to do next and when to fit in regular tasks.

  5. Turn off social media notifications. They interrupt your flow – dedicate scheduled time to engaging with social media instead.

  6. Stop checking your phone. We check our phones on average 30 times during the working day, and even if it takes 5 minutes to get back into what you’re doing, that’s 2.5 hours lost. Put your phone somewhere you could hear it ring, and leave it alone.

  7. The Pomodoro Technique. Take 25 minutes to do a task, set an alarm and do nothing else until it goes off. Get a cup of tea in your 5 minute break before the next ‘pomodoro’ begins.

  8. Keep a timesheet. Log how long you spend on different activities for a week, you’d be amazed where you actually use your time. You can then make informed decisions about what to optimise or outsource.

  9. Make the most of technology. It’s amazing what can be done now – scheduling social media and emails, team chats, automations, templates, bookkeeping software… Find a solution for your pain points.

  10. Process Improvement. Write down your processes, how you do your tasks, and have a good look at them. Is it the best way? Is it all necessary? Can anything be automated for you? Are there better programs?

Celebrate your achievements! Look back at your week/month/year at all you’ve done- you’ll inspire yourself. The satisfaction that you are progressing will fuel your internal fires